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MMLIS offers a broad array of investment products, including:

  • More than 80 Mutual Fund families
  • Brokerage Services
  • More than 40 Section 529 Plans
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)*
  • Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)
  • Direct Participation Programs (DPPs)
  • Variable Annuities
  • Variable Life Insurance

In addition to these, Investment Advisor Representatives affiliated with MML Investors Services' Corporate RIA (CRIA) have access to a full array of advisory platforms and private money management services.

Securities products are typically offered by prospectus or offering memorandum. An investor should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks and charges and expenses of the product before investing. The prospectus or offering memorandum contains this and other information about the product and may be obtained from your registered representative. Please read the prospectus or offering memorandum carefully before investing or sending money.

Direct business
MMLIS registered reps have the option of offering products and services through investment companies and non-proprietary insurance companies directly. MMLIS maintains the books and records for these accounts and handles commissions. Carriers should be contacted directly for product information, application requirements, and other service-related inquiries.

Brokerage business
MMLIS collaborates with National Financial Services (NFS) –a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments—as its clearinghouse. This partnership provides many integrated brokerage services, such as securities trading, brokerage and technology.

The MMLIS brokerage platform’s robust functionality makes it a more convenient and efficient method for submitting brokerage and mutual fund business. The all-in-one online solution, accessed through Wealthscape, is a single portal for registered representatives to open and generate forms versus having to access different carriers’ portals.

Unlike with direct business, reps using the brokerage platform submit only one—not multiple—new-account packages even when purchasing mutual funds from multiple carriers.

CRIA business
Many MMLIS registered reps provide investment advisory services, such as asset management programs and financial planning, through affiliation with our Corporate Registered Investment Advisor.

The MMLIS brokerage platform uses the National Financial Base Lending Rate (NFBLR) when calculating client margin debit balance interest. The NFBLR is set at the discretion of National Financial Services (NFS) with reference to commercially recognized interest rates, industry conditions regarding the extension of margin credit, and general credit conditions. The NFBLR can change without notice.

To determine the margin interest rate for a specific account, refer to the Disclosure of Credit Terms on Transactions, found in the Margin Account Application.

As of 6/15/17 the National Financial Base-Lending Rate (NFBLR) is 5.75 percent. This is an increase from the previous rate of 5.50 percent.

Bank Deposit Sweep program (FDIC)
The Bank Deposit Sweep Program is a brokerage account core account investment vehicle choice available through MMLIS. The BDSP permits client funds to be placed in a network of banks ("Network Program").

Through the BDSP, the brokerage account cash balance (from securities transactions, dividend and interest payments, and other activities) is automatically deposited or swept into interest-bearing deposit accounts at one or more FDIC-insured depository institutions ("Program Banks").

  - Interest Rates, Program Banks and List of Eligible Accounts
  - Disclosure Document
  - MML Investors Services Brokerage Core Account Investment Vehicles

*Subject to availability.
*Discuss availability with your registered representative.
*Availability may be limited.

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